Pro Tip: Instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. Everything is still horrible but you will not care at all.

I just need someone to remind me to take care of myself

I like to maintain as much masculinity as possible while simultaneously wearing a skirt.

If I could have nails i would have these 😍

I think I’m going to henna my hair tonight.  gotta look good for nobody, right?




My new favorite gif


Actually though.

Yea so these are the greatest socks ever. #nothintofuckwit

This gif accurately represents my love life

Feeling more like myself

Anonymous asked:




Language has never been as pointless. I cannot conjure a map of the distances I travelled, much less an image or scent. The expanse I came to fill is beyond the mass of an earth, and lighter than a shard of skin, shed and floating in the still air of a bedroom. A momentum without direction, an acceleration through blackness, the body is no longer a structure oriented by cardinal directions. Forward and back, high and low, all the implications of nearness and absence dissolved. Gravity becomes a centering force, rather than an oppressor. Hung in isolation. A pendulum drawn inward, an eternal moment alone.

***Help: I need a Chicago based suspension crew and some rigging experts to help develop an experience.

The concept is to use the body in motion (specifically exploiting the inner ear) to expand one’s perception of space beyond its everyday.

Contact me to discuss the method and details:

Attn: pbs1whut

so I got my new laptop.  Its a lot to get used to, but I think itll be alright.  Going back to a pc is weird.  It has a touch screen though, so thats cool.

Sitting at the window waiting for Amazon to deliver my new laptop. Trying to practice making nice faces. It’s been rough going… #sunshineselfie