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I want this posted on every web page ever created

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Jason Dean


I know he’s a psycho and all but Christian slater in heathers just ughhhhh 😍


Sculptures by Livio Scarpella

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It’s 70 degrees out and you’ve brought your bike on the train.  Yes, you look like a douche for sitting on it.  Go ride that shit, you asshole.


Emily buoyed with hooks

Oh hey me

happy patriots day*

whatever that means

*only applies to Massachusetts, Maine and Wisconsin.


Self pierced Single Point Resurrection at Mecca 2013

Thanks to Team FU for letting me use their Wu Tang rig (custom made by Skin Mechanics)

One hook, one love.

Is it Mecca yet? 


I was hesitant to post these on here, because I know there are a few idiots that will take it upon themselves to try this at home.  Please, don’t. 

Memorial day weekend, I got together with DHS NY for a day of grilling, friends and hooks.  After months of thinking about it, I decided to throw some gilsons in myself and hang 2pt rez.  Facilitating your own suspension after spending the day hanging first timers and very old friends was a wonderful way to end the evening.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  Although I’ve thrown hooks in my knees, gilsons in your stomach is a whole different animal.  I had difficulty seeing past my boobs, but thankfully Brian Sane was there to help spot me.  I’m excited that the next few weeks are hook filled. 

Photos by Joe “Lunchbox” Rosetti

TankE Suspension
Take hooks and give ‘em hell.

I miss a lot today

Apparently we are getting a bunny, which would normally be exciting but it seems that we are only getting it so my little cousins can have a pet for the summer and then they’re getting rid of it and it’ll be staying with us. What the fuck kind of message is that sending? You can’t have a short term pet, that’s fucked up.

More cold brewing

drunk before 4pm WHAT UP TUMBLRRRRRRR


Day drinking is one of my favorite things.


Family brunch #allthemimosa