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Youre so pretty and your hair ohmygod i love it

aw thank you <3

Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey - An Introduction: Best Of [Sampler]


In my personal Top 5 MCs. If you don’t know Mos Def’s music past Black Star and Black On Both Sides, this is required listening. Yasiin’s non-album discography is far deeper than most people realize.

I created this 30-track sampler as an introduction to Mos Def’s music.

Click here to DOWNLOAD

This sampler is designed to introduce you to Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey. If you’re diggin the music, buy the albums and support.

You can download my other compilations HERE

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i don’t even watch this show and this is the strangest and cutest relationship ever

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My life consists of listening to death metal and not wearing pants

I tried out arm knitting.  This thing is super soft.


Here’s a pic from the min I was up, before one of the hooks started to tare. Being I haven’t taken hooks in almost a year it was a lil disappointing, but that just means I’ll have to do it again. **please note I pre-made the choice to not wear a harness** #wasteland #disgraceland #bodysuspension #ilhc #humansonhooks #sundayfunday

Cold brew and 30 rock



If you could be a root vegetable, which one would you be and why? (x)

That moment you realize Vin Diesel was secretly a huge nerd this whole time

Vin Diesel has publicly been a huge nerd the entire time. He has his D&D character tattooed on him, and he basically begged to be a part of the Guardians movie.

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Open the gates and take off those leashes. Set those puppies free!


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Post more boobs. Your fan base demands it.

Haha probably not

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Holy Boobs!

( o )( o )

But yea, they’ve been called “formidable chest puppies” so ya know


Yea so on Friday I earned the nickname Drunkosaurus Rex aka Triceranotops.  This snapchat I received in the morning from Mandolynne is fairly telling.  This weekend was fun.

Mecca is coming.

Finally nailed this basic hoop trick. Now I feel like I’ve been productive today. #hoopdreams

Super excited to be getting tattooed by and also helping out @riccardomartinellitattoo this year at the Boston Tattoo Convention.  Make sure you come by the booth and say hi!